• Okamoto, Chigusa and Yasuhiro Sato (2021) “Impacts of high-speed rail construction on land prices in urban agglomerations: Evidence from Kyushu in Japan,” forthcoming in Journal of Asian Economics.
  • Okamoto, Chigusa (2019) “The effect of automation levels on US interstate migration,” The Annals of Regional Science, 63(3), 519-539. [link]
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Working Paper
  • Ito, Tadashi, Chigusa Okamoto and Yukiko U. Saito (2020)  “Intermediaries in Transaction Networks: Location of Wholesalers’ Headquarters and Other Establishments,” RIETI Discussion Paper Series 20-E-056, Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry. [link(English), link(Japanese)]
Work in Progress
  • Urban Redevelopment Program and Shopping Externality (with Daiji Kawaguchi and Keisuke Kawata)
  • Marginal Rent Index and Japan’s Consumer Price Index (with Jiro Yoshida, Kiyohiko Nishimura, Atsushi Yamagishi, and Yukie Sakuragawa)
  • Impact of aggregation and diversity of facilities and company locations on innovation creation(with Daisuke Hasegawa, Yosuke Nagase, Sachio Muto, and Yuki Akiyama)
  • Knowledge Spillovers through Industry-University Collaboration
  • Cluster and Co-cluster Analysis of Firm’s and University’s Research Activities